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Full text of "Minutes of the ... annual session of the Contentnea Baptist Association [serial]"

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^* . ; ■*;. ...„, . 




Eo«0 of Sharon M. H., Lenoir County, N. C, 

On ^ 25(?t, 26ih, 27th daiji of October, lB5e. 

: ^ 




r-^^K>:'rM^;SSSS^^&~: ^^a^JigiSa;^;!!;?,*^^ 



a, "^V T.,1 r ^ T, , \ ' ^ Fi^ii>A^', October 25^, 1856. 

^^ 1st, Elder Jesse Baker, wlio was oppomted at last session to preach the In 
,troduQtory Sermon, was not in r.^tcr.tlauce, in c&nsequence of the health of his 

' 'family ;— Elder Shadrach Pate, Iiis alternate, was present, lint Wak toi^indispos- ^ 
"ed to preach ;. therefore, j^t the recpuest of the Association, Elder Burweli Tern-- 
=ple, fromihe Little Elver, Association, supplied fhefr place, and preached from 
Koiuans 8th ch. and 1st v.;: 'V There i- thcrefore^iow no cond^^nVnation to them'' 
which are m <4kirist Jesus, \\ho wapi but afuer theflLsh,lut after tlic S}>nit "' %■ 

"2nd, The delegates from the several Chnrchts then asfie'ml>Ted, and chose " 
Elder Joseph K. Groom, Moderator, and brotlier Jesse C. Knffdjf ' Clerk who"' 

'called to his assistance brother Thomas Richardson : "Then proceJdt-d 'to* busi-^ * 
Bess agreeable to decorum^ by a Ljmn of praise and prajer by the^^^oderhtor^ 
■ 3rd, On motion-; corresponding mGsse%ers:and visiting tetlireh from sisM- 
.Association^ wpre mvited to seats with us. Elders Wm. A. Koss from Keehu- 
kee, and A. B. Peac^Sck from the Little Eiver xissociations, by request preached 
at the singe to-day. , v ^ .^:/. ^ . ^. ^ •'... .^ it _ 

■,. 4th, Ap]>oinled^rot1ire>iBc^uctt>, Pittaiid GccrgeXethercnt a 'C^nViK 
tee of Fmauce. ; ^ , -^ 

. . 5th, Letters from twent>-four clinrcli? s were received and read, afad the names 

of tiie delegates earolled,,in the Table ot Churches. See Table " > 

eth.^Callod'forPetitioriary letters :-0.rie received from Upper Black 0-001? 
• tr,! ^7"tyrf -to.t^'s; Associctioa : the ModeVatir giving her 'dtelegfees the 
right band of fellowship. ° ■, 

_ 7th, Called for CorrespoBding letters from sister Assocfations :-Elders 
Wm. A. Poss and David House, and brother Benjamin Blemmine. presented^a 
etter and .He of -^-"ute. from the Keeh.kee Asiociatlon;..,,tin|'fo Zhe r m> 
pomtment. ilder \Vin A, li«ss presentea Jv^fiJe oi; ilinufos irom Country-Line 
and one from Abbott's Creek Dmon, Associations. Elder 'Josiah Smith from 
^V hite Oak Association presented us with a file of their Miniite<! Elders A H 
Peacock, Joswh Cbat'.Bijrwell Temple, and brother.!. H. Poo e from the Littlt 
River Association presented 1:3 with a fJe ^f.iLur iliautes, settinc. forth their 
appomtmen ^Brethren James Carney and Allen Shivers from iKechukee pZ 
ticipated with us ; all of whom were joyfully received. ^"u^cc ^<ii 

8th, Appointed our next Association to be held with th^ PKi.^^i. «* tji J 
.Creek, Craven County, -N. C. to commence oh F^ before the "nl I ,?J?v ' 
,t October, A. D. 1857, at 11 o'elook : EM.r -Tesse Baker tonl.h iht f^/ ."" 
^ ry Sermon, and Elder Sha^ach Pate his altcraafe ^ ^^^ Introducto- 

•^ 9th, Appointed Elders Burwell Temple, ^hadrach PitP T^=;„v, q^,-*! t. 
>ott Mewbom, and brethren Bennett P. Pitt and Je4eC Kniaht r ' ^f ' 
to examine the Circular Letter, and report to'morJow m^orfinf ' ' ^"""""'^ 

T^ ' 

ULTTV.^ Aeo^.- .• . UT . :,. ^^TURDAY, OCTOBER 26th, 1856. 

.r^t^'^^lf'''^'^^^^^^^ Prayer by Elder Mew- 

born. Elders House and Ross preached at the stage to-day. ^ 

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in 2013 

0-'f-\, '^ !%>J^«^^ 

T^ ' 10th, Called the list of the dclcgalcsj and noted tlie absentees*' in tbe Table 

^r^ of Churches. ^ - , ' 

I V 11th, The Association again fetieWs Lex* advitje to the Churehes coni{>o3iu^ 

her body — that they in future receive iiune to tellowship who have not been ba}>* 
> , tized by an Ordained Minister of the gospel of the Old School or rrimitive Fiiiih 
■and Oi'der. 
* 12th, On motion, the Committee appointed yesterday, Wel^ requested to re^ 

^ port, when the Committee appointed to examine th'C CircUla!- Lettei: reported 
Jhat the;5r had done so, and recommended it to the considemtion of the Associa- 
tion, wl^iidh, on motion, was read and x>rdei'ed to be printed with these Miuutetv, 
^, - yw-ith a request that the publisher who prints them accompany it with an editori' 
r^ ^ al, requesting all Editors exchanging with him, to give it an insertion. 
J • The Committee of Finance report that they find in the hand 

of the Treasurer uu appropriated , the sum of • • • • $ 10 65 
Contributions this year, • • : - • •:' > ^ $89 35 

r ' ~ ■ 

Total^^- - - • - - ^ ^ * V ^ $50 00 ^ 
Compensation allowed the Clerk^ • - - $10 00 
# And for Prbting these Minutes, • - - $ 25 00 

'Total/ -^'^ - •' - ■. * * ' '* $35 OO' 
Balance in his handsv * ' **' - r $15 00 

iSth, On motion, Agreed, that the Constitution and Eules of Decorum of 
this Association be inserted in these Minutes. 

14th, Elder John S. Brinson presented a Biographical Sketch of the Life ol 
Elder James Grifin, which, on motion, was read, and ordered to be attached to 
inese Minutes. 
• -•*' ^ l^th, On motion, Agreed, that bi'other Jesse C. Knight be requested to 
write the Biography of Elder Calvin Ruff, to be attached to these Minutes, if 
'Convenient, if not, that lie endeavor to have it present at our next session. 
>tl 16th, On motion, A^eed th^ Elder JohnS. Brinson write our next Circu- 
,7^^ lar Letter. ^-.^ 

-^ * ' 17th, Appointed Elders Josiab Sirtith and Bur well Temple to preach to- 
fnorrow. ' 

Besolvedy That our Clerk be appointed Treasurer for this Association— that 
lie prepare these Minutes — that he have one thousand copies printed and distrib* 
ute them to the several Churches and Associations with whom we corresj;>ond, 
SLsd record one copy on our Record. 

J. C. Kkigiit, Clerk. JOSEPH R. CROOM, Moderator. 

»<#-#># ^^^<N>««*« 

Sunday, October 21th. 

The Services of the day was opened by Elder John S. Brinson with praisa 
and prayer. 

Elier Josiah Smith preached H'om 1st John, 4th ch., the latter part of the 
Sth V. : ''For Gq^ is love." 

Eider Burwell Temple followed, and preached from Revelations 15th ch., 
2nd V. : " And I saw as it were a sea of glass mingled with fire: and them that 
had gotten the victory over the beast, and over his image, and over his mark,^ 
and over the number of his name, stand on the sea of glass, having the harps of 

The day was tolerably pleasant— a large portion of the congregation quite 
attentive ; and from the zeal manifested by the speakers it was evident that they 
>vere deeply impressed with the importance of truth exhibited, and thegTcat rc^- 


ponsibility renting upon them wlille stamling, as it were,, betvreen t?ic living txnd ':f^ 

the dead/ We therefore conildentlj hope and belieye that the Lord in his own 
good tunc will bless the labors of his servahis to the edifu'atioii of his^dcar chil- 
dren, and that his name will haYC all 'the glorj. 

'A^ APOLOGY : — Constitutfort and Rules of Decorum do not appear in 
these Minutes, the Clerk having left the book containing the same where tho. 
Association was held. The book however 15 in the possession of brother John 
" Tyson^ but hass not come to hand ; which, m part, accounts for the delay in for- ^ 
warding them to the publisher. ^ I 


AUTREY CREEK,— Friday before 1st Sunday in August. 
BLACK CREEK,— Friday before the 2nd Sunday in October. " ^ '^^ 

BLOLT.^ P'S Gil EEK,— Friday before the 5th Sunday. > , 

BExVVER-DA^f,— Saturday before the 4th Sunday in September. "' ^ , 

FRIENDSHIP,— Saturday before the 4th Sunday in August. ^ # 

GALLOWAYS,— §. ^^ %, 

GOOSE CREEK,— Saturday before the 3rd Sunday ir> October? 

n ANCOX, — Saturday before the 3rd Sunday m August. 4 - 

ME ADO W,— Friday before the 4th Sunday in September. ' ^^^' 

MILTON,— 5th Sunday in— ' ^' 4 

ME WBORN'S,— Saturday before the 2nd Sunday in September. 

MEMORIAL,— t - - 

NAUHUNTA,— Friday before the 1st Sunday in September. 

NEW-CHAPPEL,- Friday before the 2nd Simday in September 

PLEASANT PLAINES,— Saturday before the 2nd Sunday in July * 

PLEASANT HILL,— Friday before the 4th Sunday in August. " ' ^ : 

RED BANKS, — Friday before the 2nd Sunday in September. ' 1 ' 

ROSE OF SHARON,— 5th Sunday in • " . '^ 


SWIFT' CREEK,— Friday before the 4th Sunday in September - ^^ 1 

SOUTH CREEK,— Saturday before the 1st Sunday in September. 

TYSON'S,— Saturday before the 3rd Sunday in September 

TOISNOT,— Friday before the 4th Sunday in Auc^ust 

TOWN CREEK,— Friday before the 2nd Sunday in Aumist. 

UNION,— Friday before the 3rd Sunday in August. ° 





L. ,.j _ >.~ o u-; « in 1-. ..-J ^ i~ ui o ^ o <-'; I.-: t~ o 

Licrn Hates 

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5 2. 

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2£ 23 

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, > r s- 'j?j 

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— CC >? 3^ 

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n a- 


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s "■= =^ s 

c r V 

" 1?^ J ->: ■= -E y £ -^3 "1^ t *. , 

«- ;- 5 ~ ^ >?' ® • • ~ r ir = V ■- 

5 ?= .^ ^ "2 2 .^ -> - X ^ f^ J 5 3 


-3- -i. 

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11-1 5 '■- - ' 

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"• — — -= -3 - ^ " 

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M a .-3 c 

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. _ •- fc. 1- 

3^. >. >. :^ « . £ O " 

:. «9*aS^S 

» fl» »• N « • 

^ J. ^ ;2 .=- 
«• — r > = 




Since It is ourfsustom to,advlress you 
bj the way of a circular letter, we feel j 
thankful that it is as well with us as it, 
is; although we do not boast as some, 
other associate, ofgresit revl- 1 
vals-apd i^.oreas.e of members, or of: 
great ^lieges andSne semmari^s^ and 
ojT costly, meetinghouses^ Sunday, schoj:)]s^. 
Missionary, boards,^ani!' URion. societies, J 
with the jSne arts,, crafts, gogul&i* relig- 1 
10 us works and fashions, an.d' re}igi"ous ' 
customs of the day. Y;et we feel thank- ■ 
ful Ihat we have one r^rigioiii— aad" w-ftt 
^ope but one — and if "it be-the true- r^- 1 
ligion of the Lord Jesus Christ w^e feel ' 
assured that it is tbe best of all' re%-- 
i:o.ns ;, and' why should we want to mix; 
Qr connect it with the religion . of hu- . 
iriaB rnveutions to provoke our /'God to 
Jealousy ?- Was n,ot Jerusalem the C'ty ' 
of the living^ God?: the blossom and! 
beaufy of the world 1^ And' as long as 
she had but one religion she. was as the 
tfUeen of cities, but with two ^r- light ^ 
became darkened,^ and fehe. image oS 
j'ealousy was there,, and that abomiHA- [ 
ticn of humg.n-i'nvented religion made 
its appGarance- in Jerusalem to provoke 
the living God to jealousy, that he 
fciiiglit go fi'om his sanctuary. The , 
l.ord by his. propjiet, Ezekie?, 8th ch., i 
informs us of th^se things:: — At the, 
door of the inner gate was the seat of 
the image Of jealousy in the entry. 
*• lie said furthermore unto me, Son of 
man, seest thou what they do ? even \ 
the grsat abominations thac the house I 
of Is;'a,el committed here, that I should: 
go far off from my sanctuary ? but ' 
turn thee yet again^ and thou shalt see i 
greater abominations." ** A n d he 
brought me to. the door of the court, | 
and when I looked, behold a hole in the. 
w*ir.*' *' Then said he unto me, Son ' 
f :ata, di^ no^Y in the wall : aad ^vh^^n 

I had" digged in the wall, behold a door.** 
"And he said unto me, Go in, and be- 
hold the. wicked abominations that they 
do here." "Sol. went in and saw; 
and behold every.- form of creeping 
things, and abominable boasts,, and all. 
the idtils of the bouse of Israel,, V^^^i-- 
trayed upon the wall, rouxid, about. 
"And there stood before. tbem seventy - 
men of the ancients^ house of Is^. 
rael, and in the midst' of them stood 
Jaaaaniah tbe spujof Shaphan, with, ev- 
ery man his censer' in his hand; and a 
thick, cloud orincense went up." 

Se\ beloved; this wicked secret of- 
idolati^y, carried on in Jerusalem, and| 
at the. temple in differ^t places, and ia^ 
tbo-wall, the hole of darkness ; seventy 
men of the ancients, leaders of thep^Ot. 
pl^^doin^^tbat wJiich. Gi)dba4' plainly 
forbidden fu his- holy- law, tbat he might, 
go far off from his sanctuary. 

" Then said he unto me,.Soo ofm^n^ 
hast thou seen what the ancients- of the 
house of Israel do in the dark, every^ 
man in the chancbers of his imagery ? 
for they say. The Lord seeth us not ; 
the Lord hath forsaken the earth." 
Is nx>t- the same doctrine now preached 





tha.t the Lord has done bis work. 

and thoy, tbe^P^reaghors and the pc^ople, 
are to carry oa the work, of evangeliz- 
ing the world and bring_ about the Mil- 
lennium, which has. been tried before 
and proved a failure ? And this h to 
be the last effort of the wicked inven- 
tions of man ; for the Lord will remove 
them, and do the great work himself. 
" He said also unto me,. Turn thee 
yet again, and thoi* shalt see greater 
aborainitions that they do." "Then 
he brought me to the door of the gate 
of the Lord's house which was towards 
the north; and, behold, there sat wo, 
men, weeping for Tarn auz." (Such, as 
knectUe-work, or other fine arts lo idol* 
\f.Q.) How full is the world of this j^t 
thi:j d^j !"" '-.- 


*^ Then said he unto mo, llasi Ihou 
seen this, son of mm t tura thee jet 
again, aad thou shalt see greater a^«Hii* 
iBatioDS thaa ihese.' ' * * And he brought 
me into the inner court of the Lord's 
house, and, behold, at the door of the 
temple of the Lord, between the po^rch 
|Bd the altar, were about five and twen- 
ty men, with their backs toward the 
temple of the Lord, and their faces to- 
ward the east ;. and they worshipped 
the sun toward the east.** 

Are not such things now in the woild, 
and worse ? '* Do nol men professing 
the christian religion go into thsir lodg- 
es and secrei places and there bo-w be- 
^fore man, called worshipful master^ or 
most wor&bipfttl master, and by other 
&mh like names ? and there take a sol- 
emn oath or oaths and obligations, 
which are positiyely forbidden' by our 
Lord and Master, and the danger of it 
plainly told in the Holy Bible? 

•* Then he said unto me, - Hast thou 
been this, O son of ? Is it a light 
tiling to the house of Judah that they 
commit the abominations which they 
commit here ? for they have filled the 
kind with violence, and have returned 
ta prov£)lve me to anger : and, lo, they 
put the branch to their nose." *'There- 

Sdethew<^rd ©f the Lord against 
the Prince of Tyrus,— f8th ch. :— -"Ther 
word of the Lord came again unto me, 
saying, Son ©f man, say unto the prince 
cf Tyrus, Thus saith the Lord God ;: 
Because thy heart is lifted np, and thou 
hast said, I am a Go^, I sit in the seat of 
God, in the midst of the sea; yet thou 
art a man and not God, though thou 
set thy he^art as the heart €>f God ; Be- 
hold, thou art wiser than Daniel j there- 
is no secjret that they can hide from, 
thee: With?fey wisdom and with thine- 
understanding, thou ha^ gotten thee- 
rit4ies, and hast gotten gold and silver 
into thy treasuries ; By thy great wis- 
dom and by thy traffick hast thou in- 
creased thy rich^&, an4 thy heart £3 
lifted up bee^ase of thy riches : There- 
fore thus saith the Lord God ; Because- 
thou hast set thy heart as the heart of 
God; Behold,, therefore I will bring 
strangers upon thee, the terrible of the 
nations : and they shall draw their 
swords against the beauty of thy wis- 
dom, and they shall defile thy bright- 
ness. They shall bring thee down tc 
the pit, and thou shalt die the deaths of 
them that are slain in the midst of the- 
seas^ Wilt thoK yet say before— hica 
that slayeth thee, I am God ? but thou 

fore will I also deal in fury Y mine eye ^^^^^^^^ ho God, in the- 

hand of him that slayeth thee. Thou 
shalt die the deaths of the uncireumeis- 
ed by the hand of strangers : f&r I have- 
spoken it, SMth the L&rd God." 

See, beloved, the danger of a man 
sitting himself up as a God, though he- 
bo wiser than Daniel, as wise as the 
prince of Tyrus in all his wisdoxn,. beau- 
ty, and riches: yet he is no God, but 
must come dawn and die the de^aths of 


shall not spai^, neither will I have 
pity: and though they cry in mine 
ears with a loud voice, yet will I not 
hear them." -- ^ 

Here,' beloved, see why this people 
"^ere carried away into Babylon and 
remain for so many years, and Jerusa- 
lem made desolate, and though they 
ery with a loud voice, yet the living 
God, the God of all grace, would not 

hear them. Now if the living God, the [ ^]^^^ th^t die in tlwj ser^, the 
God of all grace, dealt thus with a cho- j ^f the uncircumcised. See the 
sen people — a vine of his own planting, j of idolatry, if it be to idolize ones self 

what may others expect but to find him I however great he may be, the word 

Yi'ithout a chani^e— a God of justice ! | of the Lord has gone out a-^^ainst it and 



rS:0^'^'^:^km:^r-JS:2^:^,, .ft^g^^er^ 


irilT accomplish wTiereunto it la. sent,*- 
and no god or idolator or idolatress can 
stand before him in judgment. 

Beloved, though jou have the sup- 
plies of the common blessings of life ta- 

pie, ancT shed the bFood of God's dear 
children 1 Aad are- th^y not strifving 
for power and" carrying on the wickefl 
craft at this time in different parts- of 
the worlds — ^alao in th-ese Fnrted States- 1' 

kem from yoa by the craft of wicked | Opposed Congress, disregarded the Cbn- 
men, as has been done to. Kansas, and | gi-jj-y^j^j^,^ causing tlisunion, 'and the shed 
the sword bathed in your blood or have | (jing-offehe brood' of the mnocent? But 
to go through the water and fire, as -q, gy^j.^ pi^^e it is shown that this wick- 
some that hare gone before us, yet j g^jj^ggg jg ^o be brought d'own,an(r as he 
have no god bitt the Living God, who : -^ ^^^^ doing som^ of his last work, we 
K able to save your soul| alive. Se|||jave reason to believe that his time Js 
the word of the Lord bj his, prophetj j^.^wing near. His enf we shall show 
PanieK which is now fulfilling,— 11 ch. : | ^^^len we have noted a few other pass- 
'* And the king shall do according to\^„^^ ^^^^^^,^1^.^^ ^^^^ j^j^j g^j^ ^^lo is 

his will ; and ho sliall exalt himself and ^ ^^^^^, ^j^^ influence of the dragon, ^Ind 
magnify himself above every goJ, and j ^^^g^g ^j^^^^ ^j^^^^ ^.^^^ ^^^j, y^ ^^^^^ 
shall speak marvelous things agamst , ^^ ^Qj-g^ip both himself and the ^agon 
the God of gods, and shall prosper ' till _j. ^^.^ beast, as it is called. In several 
the indignatioa be accomplished; ^fj^ther places and this, is not only carr^ 
that that b determined shall be <^one. , ^^ ^^ ^- ^j^^ p^p^ ^^^j j^jg ^,1^,.^^^ ^^^^ 
Neither shall he regard the God of tis | ^j^^ ^^^ ^^^ Protestant beast in his 
fathers, nor the desire of women, non pHesterift to the destruction of human 
regard any god: for lie shall^ magnifyig^^^ ^^^j.^^^ merchandise of the peo- 
himself above alL But in his estate | p|g ^^^| ^.^j^j^^ ^^^.^^.^^^^^^g^ ^^3 j^^ jg 
shall he honor the god of forces, and a trying to do in the United States at 

god whom his fathers know not shall he 
honor with gold and silver, and with 
precious stones, and pleasant things. 
Thus shall he do in the most strong 
holds with a strange god,, whom he shall ! 
acknowledge and increase with glory, 
ana he shall cause them to rule over 
many, and shall divide the land for 

Have not these things been fulfilling 
for the last twelve hundred and fifty 
years ? and has not the pope thus ex- 
alted himself, as above described, claim- 
ini' to be the head of the church, mak- 
ing himself as. God, sitting in the tem- 
ple of God, and divided the world for 
g;iin? And has not the Protestant 
church also risen in like power, con- 
nectin<T Church and State, or Church 

this time, deceiving thousands,' binding 
them In secret craft with signs, grips, 
and pass- words, as is shown in the Ho- 
ly Word.— -See Rev. l-3th ch 1st to 10th 
Ys; — describes the first beast, which is 
believed to he a description of the Pope 
and his church, or the Pope and his 
church is believed to have come up to 
the description here giv^n, also Dan- 
iel's fourth beast. And by Daniel the 
two beasts are described in connectioa 
as they arc in other places in the Holy 
Bible, as in this 13th eh;»pter of Rcve- 
laiions. The last part of which we will 
take some uotice, as it is ftow fulfillii^^ 
«nd that in these United States, and 
shoR'n to be very dangerous, not vn^y 
to the Jnyernment hut to hununi, souls ; 
and if possible, worse and more danger- 

aiid national po\s'er, <livided the landjous than the first, which is shown in the 


11, made mcrchaudiac of the. peo- 1 [[^jy >Vnr 

And as we desii'e -^hai 

iU*;i'€ il/iiigs u^aj 1>« understood &a4 . in tlie »igbt of men. (Sec? the scTc^ty 
^'lariled against, we wish U) write a part and twentj-five,--Taiid ei^htll chapter of 
ef the verses an^ trace it m some oth-^ Ig^ekieU though they i^ere not of thja 
er <^baptcrs ; aa ih^e is a distinction beastj; 

.ma^sJD some c^'tW passages by \fhich| Mth ?,^: " And depeir^th them that 
ire may knoir whi;^ beast is alluded to, | dweli on, the earth by the means of those 
tlioug^ they be coni^^eoted. - See in the., miracles ;. Tv;hjph he hfvd power to do in 
elghth'jast verse of this iSth chapter, the sight of the beast/' By ministers 
wherein is described the second beasli. and other wise ajid able men going ii^t.o 
As the limits of a Circular lu^tt©i*| those things — ^itten4« to deceive others 
d<^es not admit pf our views on each ofr that have gone in^ and cause them to 
-^ iUese verses at length, we must conteR:^^ti^liin and be Jojitented, and caii^e 
'-^ ^, ourselves at preseut by noticing a i^w'som^-tQ.g® in. that might not. " Say- 
partieulars v^hich v;e hope, bsloved, you , Jng ta them that dw^ll, on the earth, 
* will think of b^iug a& th^ views of mea,jt.ha^t they aliould make one image to the 
«^. aihrtot as the puro Word of God. B^t^belst, whitih had the wound by a sword 
we give such as we have, hopiBg you | and did live." A,n iiiaage to the first 
-,^^ Mill ti'f them by the Holy Book, lithjlieast alike power ta prophesy. One 
"-'Xi V. : *> Beast coming up oiLt of the eaxth.*'>h^ hjg Jjolj Father ta confess to, the 
Our views:— Such as brutish mep^: voidfoVhet has ^his Worshipful Ma:SXer to bow 
of the christian religion^ eyihodying ; do;wn to,. an4 thp otW sic^^^ names, 

themselves togethjer in kum^n-in^vent- to submit to. TKere is but one Holy 
eJ religions.' " ISvo, horns." Two- Father, Gpd. There is but ona 
fiiia power to rule Church an.d Siate, or j ^Vo,.s},^pf;^| Master, that is, Jesus Christ.^ 
Governments.- "Ljke a lamb." r«^'0<| He that siteth as a Holy Father, or 
^^ iVirsing to be innocent. *'• Spake as a ^cta as, such, is as a god,, whiqh is an, 
^^^ dr.tgon." As Satap, to deceive and to,, jj^,] g^^]^ wbet-Kcr it be l?o|)e, Bishop,^ 
ijraw alter him in^ruia.^ '■ j or Priest^ and tlie^ that bow downti^ 

12th v :• " And he e.\escisetK a.11 th^.^ ^^y su-ch In confession of sins, in hppa 
j^ power of the ilist beast be£i>re him.''^ of having thiem Vgiven, ar^ idolaters ;, 
:^; If Popery b^ the fc-st beast, this second ^ ^nd he tha„t sets or acts as a Worship- 
- ^ beast exerciseth all the power of pope- J fa] Master, sets or acts as. a god, which 
' ry. :^* And causcth the earth ajid them I is_ an, idol god. A,nd they that ?o be- 
which dwell therein, to, worship the firat fore any such by whatever name they 
beast." WoraH^) popery or the same' ^^^ 1^^;.^^^^^^^ ^^^ ^^j,^ ^^^^^^ ^^ ^^jj_ 
spirit. *^^hose deadly wound was g^^.^^^^^j^^^j^^ ^,,^,^^^^^,^^ j^ ^^^^^ u^.^, 
healed." Bnngang. together the re]ig-^^-^^^^^^-^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^.^ j^j,^^^j 

ms power that was separated fro:?^ U^^^ idolatry- or^ arUi.christianitv. Fo 
<;lnirchofRomeand from the P^^F^^i^ p^^of, see the 8th.and 2t>th ch^ters o 
power, and uniting them, m Ti-otestant- jg^^j.;^! __-j;>^^^j^l ^.j^ .^,^,^ ^^^^ ^i^^^p.^ 
mm the secret orders. \^^^^ rj,^^^^^ 2ud. chapter, ~.^iitt. xxiii. 8 

ISih V. :*' And he. di>eth great won- * 9 jQ; %\ 
dcrs,;9f> that he m.^iketh.. fire come down ; *. And ho. had" power to give life unto. 
^rofn he .vci>. on tlie t-arth in the sight ^be ima^e of the boast." Law-power to 
of-rr.')/' >^»^^l»=^smini>^tors profos.<ing ^j^^ .V^,.|^|pf,^j ;Vj^g,^,^ .^^,,1 3,^^,1^ y^^^ 
to ho ui .n.tors oUhe gospel, brought ^^j^^.^j-s of the . secor^4 beast. -Th-^t 
duWiviiito.llie secret orders uul^ lA^o- the image of tUf bea&t shoull bolK 


&peak,'' (Comman(j, act,) ^* And cause 
tiiat as many as would not worship the 
im.ige of the beast, shoul(^be killed." — 
Submit, to worship the rulers in power of 
frte second beast, if npt^ sho.uld be kill- 
ed. See the danger of worshrpping this 
image ! — See 14th chapter Beve-rSuch 
is the danger desorib.ed. 

We will writ^ Qut a few verses ; 

V\'e will refer tc, a few move passage^ 
where you can iee some noxice of the. 
danger of beipg in wltli this secondi 
beast. , I 

15th. chap,ter. and 2nd ve,*- *' A^KT 
saw as it were, a sea of glaas mingled 
with fire ;• and them, that had goUeh the. 
yictory over the beast, and over his im- 
age, and over his mark, and; orei\ tha^ 
9th V. " And the third ingel foMwedj n.umhej; of his name, stand on the ' sea 
them, saying with a bud voice. If any j of glass, having the harps of God. "-r 
man worship the beast-%n3 his image^^Cth chapter and secon(|je. " And the - 
and receive hie mark on his forehead or ; first went and poured out his Yi,al upon '^ 
in his hand, the same shall drirjc of the ^the earth, and there fell a noisome and 
wine of the wrath of God, wkicK is grieveous sore upon the men which had, 
poured out without mixture, in the cup tli,e mark of the beast, and upon tfie^n 
c^ his indignation, and he sha.ll ]?e tor- vyliich #ov?hipped fe,i3 image." 19th 
mented with fire and brimstone, in the ^hapt.and 19th ve. "And 1 s^^ the, 
presence of the holy angels, and in tKe^feaat,^ a.nd; thxj kings of the. earth, and 
presence of th^ Lamb: and-the smoke j their amies, gathered together to make 
pf their torment ascendeth up forever 'vs^ar agains.t kim that safe o% the horse, 
and ever, and they have no rest day nor and against his army. And the beast 
night, who worship the beast and his was taken, and with him the false proph- 
image, an^l, whc3.oeve|*' receiveth the et that wrou^tit miracles before him, 
mark of his nam(?.." j with 'which he deceived them that had 

IGth V. 13ch chap. '^ Mark in their ^ received the mark of the beast, and 
right hand or in their forehead.", A ; them that worshipped^difS image; these 
sign by which they know one. anpther — .both were cast alive into a lak^ of fire, 
such as siga^s,, gJ'ips^ and pass.- wurds.'jburning with brimstone." 20th chapl. 
ITth V. "And that no man miglit b^uy oj: I and 10th ve. " And the devil that de- 
sell, save he that had the mark, or th^ , ceivcd them was cast into the lake of 
name of the beast, or the number of his ^fiiTe and brimstone, where the beast and 



name." First, might buy or sell the 
craft; second^ be deprived by their law- 
pow^r of th^. temporal blessings, forcing 
them to submit to the powers of the 
beast, as in th£. pase of Kansas. No- 
tice this beast, an fl the. image, in some 
other passages where yogi; find the jm- 
ao;e auexed ; it shows it to, be the sec- 
end beast, which is worse, or a degree 
worse in idolatry, than the first. For 
those, under the influence of the first, 
worshipped two things, the beast and 
the dragon. But those under the in- 
Quence of the secori|d, worshipped, three 
tlJngs — the image, beast, and drngon. 

the false prophet are, and shall be tor- 
mented day and night for ever and ev-. 

Belovec\ you see in. these last raea^ 
tioned verses, is described or shown the 
second beast, and how he is to- be 
brought down, and i\\e place of his con- 

loth chapter and 18th ve. " Here is 
wisdom. Let him that hath understrin- 
/ling count the number of the beast ; — 
for it is the number of a mm, and his 
number is six hundred three-score and- 

six."- •^";- 

Th«sc things are wjsely set; 






fortfe. It requires onJerstanding -of 

ihesod^ep mysteries' to^i^ know wW^^ infant mind, that he muA not 

lieftnt. ^'Nimher of the Wast 
tiie nuQiber of » man- — the isamebeast^ — 
min cf sin — so» of perdition — first and 

list churcU had impressed it upon 

tell a lie. 

It wfis the Ijord^s will to eonTinco 
him, in thclSth j'car of his age, that 

^se^^d beast joinet in one with the im- morality- alone would not justify hia 
gge ty the secret orders. The Popish soul/ fj showing him that he was 
€bm%1s connected with the Protc&t-^ a poor, lost sinner by nature; which 
ants, making one great church with its brought him to-an Evangelical repent- 
inany divisions, or one great vine withHance^md gavfhin^th^t faith which 
its many branches: ** vine of the earth.'d ^'orks by love and purifies the heart, 
IJuraan-invented religion-# six hund^^^lP^^ enabled hira,,|o look to the Lord 

'te^i three-score^ftd six." We \>elieve^ Jesus as liL^ Saviour, and feel his sins 

there will be that many degrees or signs 
of its secrets. See 2nd Thess. 2nd ch. 
H^ 14th chape. 19th ve. We could 
refer ta many other passages, such as 
Dan^|i.^ Dan, vii* 11, Dan. xii.> and 
EzelHel and others, but the limits of a 
circular will not admit of it. 

Keep out of these dangers, l^lored, 


forgive r^► 

Afler whicfflc joined the Church at 
TS^d Banks, Pitt county,, and was bap- 
tized on the 22nd of February, 1823^ 
by Elder Amariah Biggs. 

Ho- soon fel4 that he had a call from 
the Lord to preaeh his Gospel : and ho 
obeyed the call. J 

In 1825 he commenced the exercise 

and if any of the Lord's people have .. ..^ , . ,., .^, 

. . "^ . , , . .1 t- lot his^gift. and on the llthof Febrviarv, 

g..emtoth«edanges,}et them hear j ^g^^^ ;.^ j.^^^^^ ^^ the cturch to' 

llis wonl and obey ^I.m- _ . | preach ; and ou the and Sabbath in 

" And I heard another voice from | ^^^^^ jg^T, was selected by the <i.hurdi 
hciven, spying, Come out of ^er, my ! f^,j. j,,^j ^^^p^^^ ,^„^ ^^ afterwards 
people ; that yel>e.not partakers of her ^^^^^ ^^ ^]^^^ ^^^^^^ ^g j^^j. .^^^^ 
sins, and that :ye receive not of her ,' ^j^^^^^^ ^.^-^-^ he fccepted. 
plagues/' >.. 

h *^ 

i ' 


,^ A ^hort Biographical sketch of the life 
f-^ of Elder James G riffin. 

Ekler Jamc* Griffin, wte of the sons 
of Mr. Josiali Griffiir, of Pitt county, 
X. C, the subject of this sketch, was 
born on the 7tb day of March, A. D. 
1 SOI,, near Greenville, whcr€i he was 
roare<] a very moral man, and rce<4|ved 
only a limited education — trained 
up in (he way he should go, and he 
itever4e}iarted from it, as is well known 
to ail who had the pleasure of his ac- 
4'iaii»tnnc('. The Writer of this has of- 
i^'w lir.inl him sa}', He could not bear 
t(^ t'-Jll a t'alst'hood ; for hi.<^ mother, who 
Wife a \ery pious uiCJul^r of the Bap- 

- ' «r 

About this time a cold and gloomy 
feeling pervaded the churches, in con* 
se€|uence of the Missionary institutions, 
which greatly disturbed their peaco ' 
and hamiony ; and the love of many 
waxed cold : in consequence of which 
many of the churches were riven asun- 

Elder James Griffin was at that timo 
quite young in tlie Minishy, and he 
used every exertion he could, consistent ' 
with the word of truth, to prevent the ' 
separation. But it nevertheless came, — 
when the Mis.^ionaries, greedy of tho ' 
spoils, took the liberty to enrol hh 
name among thcmsclvcF, without hi.^ 
consent,- when he t(v>k a c-alm but deci- 
ded ?tand on the primitive ground, and 
was called to.and accepted, thcpastond 

ift.-a i*si. Vv6 ~- 

z .j:"^; 'Sfts^'ssz/^ 




care of three -oliiercliiarclios iu his na-rtion, that onlv a few years ago he trar« r 
t?ve county, jelled alone do w|i the eoimtry witljout 

The precise time of his several caUsUMy initiisteriul help, but now he iMt" 
"anil aeceptances the viTiter is not ac- the Lord had raised u]) others to help 
quainted with ; but he filled the>Ti ail, ; and to &\l his place when he should^ Ui 
and visited the churekes of his s^ire to ' removed. ^ ,^ y^^ 

the glory of God and honor of hi^chrl;^-! He was married to a Miss iK-bec^ 
liatL charactel-, and with great satisfac- 1 Ann Smith, v^T his laative County^ on 
tion to the brethren. • the loth of March, 1827, who w'aa % 

Ife occasionally t5:avell^ among^, the V^ry kind and affei;tioiiate \uie; by 
other churches, and in destitute see-} whom he had six eliiklren— flvedi.ugh- 
^ rs and oneson, fb'e.r oC whie!i fcii" 
survives. Mis iirst wife, tk-coii^t'd th- 
15th of October, 1840, , and he wiis 
again married to a Miss Margaret Auu 
Whitchawi, of E<igeoombe Coant^^, ,ok 
the 28th^of December, 18-il, vsho dsij % 
was a very dutiful, kind atid lilTectioi 

pTcHching the 
blessed his la- 
souls to his min- 

tions of the countiy, 
Gospel ; and tVe Lord 
bors by ^adding manj 

He w&s, for 18 or 20 ye^rs, almo# 
the only Primitive Baptist minister 
who travelled and pt^ched between' 
Keuse and Pamlico rivers, where were 

situated three tjf theold churches, one '1: , Some yeai-s since, he had a desire Uf 

x>f which has become Entirely extinct > 
the other two were in a cold and shat- 
tey^d condition, iii consequence of the 
af^esaid missionary i»tMitutions. But 
lie lived to outride the storm, and, with 
the blessing of God upon his labors, 
saw two of the afore-said old cliui'ches 
•warmed into life and blessed with large 
ingathemgs^ ai^ wj^ called to, and 
iiccepted-, the pastoral care of them. 
He was also the instrument in the hand 
of the Lord to assist in constituting of 
the church at Milton, Craven County, 
on the 18th of January, 1851, and was 
called to, and accepted the pastoral care 
of it; and also the church at South 
Creek, Beaufort Co«!ity, was constitu- 
ted by his assistance^ on the 1st Satur- 
day in March, 1855 — -he wa.s chosen, 
and accepted the pastoral care of it al- 
sa He could say with the Psalmist, 
*'They that sow in tears shaft reap in 
joy, and he that goeth forth and weep- 
eth bearing precious seed, shall doubt- 
less come again with rejoicing, bringirtg 
his sheaves with him." He was some- 

iite wife-; by w'hom he had fijur i^cuis. 

Temov(f tw the Western counti-y, but 
was as he afterwards ex presstxl hini>Ll'; 
providentially prevented .; It )r e% ery jn - 
tempt he made to move West, ]iv 
traiy to his own expectation, \\\ n 
eastwaid until he became fully coiaiii 
eed that the hand of the^A<i\l \vus In 
every one of his att^^mpts tc rcntuvc Ut 
the W^st, and carried him en.stWLir«.l, 
till in January, 1852, he purcl^ascd :i 
tract of s\\-.amp land on Buy' Kixcr, hi 
th e lo wei* i>art of Cra v c n C( )u 1 1 1\\ and 
that too, down in the same de^itituljj 
section of country where he had ft>r so 
many yeai*s ti'aveled as a stranger and 
a pilgrim on'ei\rth, in 'the cause of hL< 
Lord and Master. In April foJ lowing, 
he moved to it with his fatnily. 'i'h« 
new place wus a vast wilderness of fer- 
tile lan<l, which required hard labor bj 
cultivate. • . ^ . ■ ' ■ 

Elder Griffin was a poor man as nt> 
gards this world's goods, and of a Very 
weak constitution ; and all the help U^ 
had w^as the son of his iimt wife aaid tiie 
foui- little K^-s bv hk hist wif(a* 'wd it 

times heard to say ^n private cfm^'ersm- j neerssarily required his tiint- at t/^ 



"^ntsOli! £A(Lren! iU\ Wl^k- 

t b our ]i»*i 


ui ,M.i.u.- :,. ine sorjx»\vot the \\uHd,jbicli work- 
x'ci ul^^A'cth di\ith. IlismunrKT of preachiiiir 
>or, 1855, vvaif.^ijnpl.Miiia pjuin, coitveying ^mU 

\4lxue.| ]uu<] anJ hu^kt \u, .Inufu-d-is liiselcrDftl o-ain, for our'f^orrow is Uot 
'uliiN atet a HivAl ;.Lii.t:.- \... the sorix,^v of the v\ orM,.j|bicli work 

' • -'^"^''g In Oclob< 

tL.r's.>aof}iKsfimwifo, J:imes, a verjjf^,>aB by tlie siIl]p]c^sl mci^phors, ad 
».r..nnviTig 3oung imii; a dutiful son, idrc-^p Lis t^:^m^lr<,-s to the undef- 
.M 1; the father foil the sliot-k andlsttii^ngorihe Vv*rak ;;> Veil as th'ti 
jnuuruo'd the loss /but did n"ol J'>inc at 'strong-, in an impressive rftjle; so that 
tlie di.-^peh'-ation of Provideiice, but re ' ^ "'"' '* ""'" ^ ' 
i ;ned tu it ^vith that 
|>:conie? the scrraitts of Uod; 

M ior me laiiu oiiee nc 

furti tude ivkitdi 1 .""^ ■^'*. 

.,^ ;i\i(^nsa])por 

;he njight well be ealled a st>ii of coiii^i;-^ 

jtal^oii— iaLli:^-rioiM in the ministry, lilb 

;uigTjis a])«-fit3 punctual) v ^vhea 

A .• I • • . I £-'"i X ,.=1 ^^^<-^' p''^>"^ 'd '''('.h i»revente<L and earn- 

Aker h>s uhoviult to h^ last ir5c;itiOit*^c^f]v' ,w„w •■ ,• v ,i r- • ,' V ^ 

, . ,,. . ,^^ '^^ <-^'i^«^ '* u'it', jor the laith ouce d 

eilplaco; h 

ehaiges in 

("^iitiuui ( 

.^ . ., Jssevoral pa-torarii%ered to the .^aii.'ts. 
hi^ native Couiitv, Pitt, bui Thus liV'~'^ M-d dii 

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ d this mau.^f God; 

h^s beVend pa^coral cares in I^'Jt" alas ! {!,e n\^H'S that have known 

(irlf^veu and Beaufort Counties to the^fc^l^^^'^^^ ^^''^*^^ '^^^f^- ^^^o more forever: 

day of liis death: He hail ^^veral se- ^^^ '^ S^^^^,ft^"\ ^^ ^ ^^' ^^A children, 
.X » /- 1- i. 1 - "'" • ' li'^^^^ iiis Inends arid acduaintance^ 

ver#.,.attaeks of disease at \m new resi-'.Vnm i,;.. K, ■ ' i i *^^4/^'^' '"^^^'^'^i 
, .11*^ 1 • I • 3 r ^a '^'^^^^^^ ^^^^ bretbren and churches below. 

denee, the last of which proved f^tl^Mlrom a world of sin and teiiiptatiou and 
ilv^ drparte'i this life on the ^^18tli ^l)f-pain, to a world of jov; where the wick- 
S»'pteudH;r, 1856, leaving a wmSw andj<'<l cease to trouble f and his poor w eaiT 
»ur orphan chiklren, and four chil-i^9^^^s at rest; where ^ he has joined 

■-■n of liis first wife, wjlh an e:!iteiisive 
K^ h'hitionship and worldly ac- 
-iiitaikH', ty mourn their loss. But 

"lliose who have gone belorehini to sing 

:and iiscribc pi'aise in nobh-r iiud liiflier 
..v.niins iA) Father, Son, and IIoIyGhost> 
,in a world without end; Arnen: 

7i^^r::--,i tr:;^.':H'i ^ 






2yE I 3sr U 0? E B 


Forty-First Annual Session 






Saturday, Sunday and Monday, 7th, 8th and 9th October, 1871. 

«. -♦■#-* 

WILSON, N. (J.-K. W. SlNGELiTAay. 


Saturday, October 7, 1871. 

1st. The introductory sermon was jyreac'he'd by Elder Bryan Whitford 
from the 10th verse of the 3d chapter of Paurs epistle to the Philip- 

2nd. Messengers from the different churches theii assenibled, and af- 
ter prayer and praise by Elder Purvis proceeded to business by appoint- 
ing Elder Bryan Whitford, Moderator, and Theophilus Atkinson, Clerk, 
and Andrew J. Moore, Assistant Clerk. 

Srd; Coi'responding, Messengers and visiting brethren wete invited to 
seats with ilS; Elders Tucker and Ward preeched at the stand to-day. 

4th. Appoitited Elder B^ P. fttt and brother R.- R. Ditpree a Com- 
jnittee of Finance. 

5th. Letters from twenty-eight churches were' received and read; 
names of the dele^g^tes arid sta^te o'f the churclies enrolled in the table of 

6th. Petitionary lettsrs called for ; one from the church at Cross 
Roads, and one from the church at Cedar Island were handed in, and 
received as merribers of this Association, by the Moderator giving the 
delegates from said churches the right hand of felloWsliip. 

7th. Called for letters of correspondence from sister Associations. — 
One handed in by Elder R. D. Hart, from the Kehukee Association 
.^howiug the appointment of himself together with Elders J. W. Purvis, 
P. D. Gold, Wm. Bell, Thomas Cherry and William A. Ross, and 
brethren R. H. Harris, J. W. Andrews, S. W. Outerbridge, Wm. Faith- 
ful, Wm. Thigpen, Asa Biggs, A. B. Bains and D. W. Topping. Also 
brother Jesse Brown handed in a letter and a file of minutes from the 
Little River Association. Elders Dameron and Ward, and brother C. 
A. Howard were present from the Country Line Association with a file 


pf their minutes. Elder L. I. Bodrnliamer was present from the Mayo 
Association. Keqeived a lile minutes from the folio w-ing Associations, 
viz: Baltimore, WarwiCjDeleware Eiver, White Oak and Abbott's 
Creek Union, 

8th. Brother Andrew J. Moore was appoin|;ed to write the letter to 
the White Oak Association. 

9th. Appointed our ne:^t annual session to be held with the church at 
the Meadow, G-reene county, N. C, to commence Saturday before the 
second Hunday in October, 1872, at 11 o'clock, a. m., and that Elder 
Thomas (xoodwin preach the introductory seriiion, and Elder John S. 
Brison in case of failure. • 

10th. Appointed Elders P, D. Gold, L. I. Bodenhamer and R. D, 
Hart to preach to-n;orrow, services to commence at 10 o'clock. 

Adjourned to 9| o'cjock Monday morning. 

Sunday, October 8th, 1871, 
The services of the day were introduced by Elder P. D. Gold, who 
preached from 4th chapter and 7th verse of Zechariah ; "Who art thou, 
Q great mountain.^ before Zerubbabel thou shall become a plain : and 
he shall bring forth the headstone thereof with shoutings, crying G-race, 
grace unto it.'' Elder L. I. Bodenhamer followed, and preached from 
the 22nd chapter of Isaiah 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 25th verses : -'And 
the key of the house of David will I lay upon iiis shoulders; so he shall 
open, and none shall shut; and he shall shut and none shall open. And I 
will fasten him as a nail in a sure place; aud he shall be for a glorious 
throne to his father's house. And they shall hang upon him all the 
glory of his father's house, the offspring and the issue, all vessels of small 
quantity, from the vessels of cups, even to all the vessels of flagons. In 
that day, saith the Lord of hosts, shall the nail that is fastened in the 
pure place be removed, and be out down, and fall: and the burden that 
was upon it shall be cutoff : for the Lord h;ith spoken it." Elder K. 
]}. Hart closed and preached from 9th chajitt^r of Provel)S and the five 
first verses ''Wisdom hath builded her hous'^, she hath hewn out liev 
seven ])illars : She hath killed her beasts; she hath, mingled her wine; 
she hath also furnished her table. She hath sent forth her maidens: she 
crieth uj)on the highest places of the city^ Whoso is simple let him turn 
in hither: as for him that wanteth understanding, she saith to lum, Come, 
eat of my bread, and drink of the wiix' which I have mingled. 

A large concourse of people attended, and marked attention was paid 
to the words spoken, and we can but hope that a blessing will attend the 
lab( rs of the day. 


Monday, October 9th, 1871. 

The Association met according to adjournment. A hymn of prake^ 
and prayer by Elder 'P. I>. GoM. ,. ' ^ • • 

11th. Elders Stamper and Dameron preached at the stand to-day. 

12th. The Committee of Finance reported no funds on hand. Con- 
tributions -this year^ $50.50; Eepbr^treceived and the committee dis- 
charged. ■ ■'"' '"" ■ ■ : '' ' ' ' ■ "• 

*' 13th'.- Names of delegates called over and those absent marked in the 
table of churches. i* " - v '' ''^ ^ • ' ■ 

' 14thl'*^''f*hG letter to the White Oak Association was handed in and 
approved, and handed to th'fe-messeAgfer appointed to that Association. ' 

15th.* ^Appointed messengers^ to sister Associations, viz: To Whke 
OdA:, brother Bilas'M! TuWrer; To Aj^/mte, Elders Thomas Goodwin, 
Bryan Whitford; B. P. Pitt, Shadrack Pate, Wm. Barnes, Jo)in A. 
Williams 'and-f^oah Adam«. To Little River, Elders Bhadrack Pate and 
B. P. Pitt. Tb Obmtrymne, Elder B. P. Pitt and brother E. If Du- 
2)rGe. ' ' U !* uc.A\ \\.. 

: 16th. Agreed to correspond by minutes, with the following Associa- 
tions, viz : The Corresdoning Ass5ciation'of Virginia, Baltimore, War- 
wic, DelewatC'Eiver, Deleware and the Mayo Associations. 

17th. On motion, agreed that the Clerk be appointed Treasurer of 
this Association; that he transcribe' aiM- prepare these minutes ■ for 'the 
press, have one thousand copies printed-, distribute them among the dif- 
ferent churches of this Association and the different Associations with 
which ^Ve«corr^pond; record one copy in 'the Association book, and that 
he have ten dollars for?li|s serviced. 

18th. The Association then adjourned to the time and^place ^abovc 


Theophilus Atkinson, Clerk. 



O O !-• 

: ^ n: tc "-d -: td 

i: r, so Q ?; so S.SS P ?i -i :3 ?: 

2 : ^i;r.^ 2.5 . 








5JK W:^ wa -^^ ^^.?^ '-< W* w^ ^..'i<^ 5: 

. ■'C K ^p o c 

^ g rf ^K 5 

e o :j B G = 

CO T/i 

5 3^ 

O VH ^ ^ 

o 3 

v. !>- 


d P^~ £ 


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o: a 

5 ?: 


: t^: o^ 

c -1 

gi i ^: i 

y P 73 

'V S Q 

^ r, O 

g P *, 

> s_i 2. ►I ^ "^ ^ • 

S »; = 

- t* f'^ ^ ^ :r -. • 


2 ^ 



?S: :?2:o- 

fitt • 




: CI, ....... . 

.^ . ^ ....... . 

. .... 



«.3 . Ui- CO to M 

towc^M^l po:qicIya :: 

: oi ^ ^ >-. ■ ■■, 

■ 1 .10:^,')'] A-q p.ooy; ;: 

: H-' — 


^-1 ■ Iv i^ 

1 .jo;iO'i;A(i;pjTisia;; 


1 7)9,v,,i;,vjj- \] 

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1 1 

An trey's Cfeck 



|Marcl|. \ 

Bear Creek 



'Febrnary \ 

J31ack Creek 



j March i 

piount's Creek 

erery 5 th } 
Sunday j 

i i 

i i 
\ 1 

Beaver Dam 

4th Sunday 

! March 

Durham's Creek 



i March \ 




February 'j 




January \ 

Goose Creek 



i March j 




1 February j 




! March 1 




iJanuary ; 




|Marct| ; 




jJanuary i 




1 March 

New Chapel 



j March j 

l^leasant Plains 



IJanuary ! 

Pleasant Hill 



1 February ; 

Red Banks 



i March j 

• Rose of Sharon 



1 February j 

^arjdy Bottom 



i February i 

Swift Creek 



iMarch i 




if ebrpivry \ 

Town Creek 



jFebruary \ 




1 February \ 

tl'pper B. Creek 



1 March i 

White Oak 



i February I 




j March ! 

Cross Roads 



1 March \ 

Cedar Island 



j February I 


J tine 




I April 
I May 
I May 

I September I December 
iAugust INovember 
\ September | D ecember 

j September 

j September 


i September 














I September 




! September 


i September 

i September 

I August 


; December 



I October 




i December 

I October 

I December 

I December 



I DecemLHO' 








i November 


i December 





Table showing the names and 







Archibald Jones 

i Blount's Creek 

1 Beaufort 

James R. Parker 

i Mount Olive 


John A. Williams 

jJohnson's Mills 


Thomas Goodwin 

1 Goose Creek MaM 

i Beaufort 

a a Bland 



John S. Brinson 


1 Craven 

Shadrack Piate 



Thom% W. Wells 



Allen Whitfield 

. 1 Clinton 


Luke Kcnmtgay 

i Mount Olire 


Noah Adams 

IJohnson's Mills 


Joyiali Nelson 



Bryan Whitford 

1 Swift Creek 


Bennett P. Pitt 



Kinchin Grumpier 

1 Black Creek 


Jesse Baker 

j Speight's Bridge 


William Barnes 

1 Wilson 


Benjamin Bynum 



Burt Williams 



A Sliort Obituary Notice of the Death of Elder Levi P. Wayne. 

Of the parentage, birth and early life of the subject of this noticCythe 
writer of this knows but little. . Suffice it to say, that in March, 1838, 
lie was received a meittber of the Faptist cm|rch at Swift Creek, Craven 
county, N. C, and was baptized by Elder Olarrowan. rfcj continued a 
oonsisteut member and was held in mucl^: esteem by all the, cl^urch up, 
to' the day of his death,; In M/irch, 1850, he was called Jby the church, 
and get apart to the office oi Deacon, which bfiice he filled with impar-. 
tiality, and to the entire satisfaction of his brethren. In 1852 the 
church became convinced that he hdd other work to do, and some time, 
during that year he was set apart and ordained to the work of the Min-- 
iei^ry by a Presbytery, called by the <5hurch for. that pipose, consisting 
of Elders Jamei. Griffin and Benjamin Bynutn. In the yea^ 1856 h6 
was called on to take th<? pastoral care of the church to which he be- 
longed, which call he accepted, and which station he filled until it plea|- 
ed his heavenly Father to release him from the toils and troubles of this 
world. . He deparf this Tife on the 17th day of May, in the year 1871,^ 
in the seventy-second year of his age, leaving a wife, a beloved sister in; 
the same church, and seven children, with a number of brethren and. 
friends to mourn their loss; bnt^ they have the consolation to believe 
thiat thbir loss is Ins eternal gain, r